How can we help you with church growth?

Daily Bread Consultancy feels called by God to help empower Christian organisations advance their missional objectives and support their communities for his glory.

We want to work with you to help you with church growth, increase giving for missional work and support your communities.

Static regular giving is a big concern for most parishes, if giving doesn’t keep in line with inflation, a parish can easily find a gap develop between income and expenditure.” Parish Giving Scheme

How can we help you grow your church?

Daily Bread Consultancy offers an affordable and professional fundraising and communication service to churches and registered charities. We are driven by purpose and are committed to performance and growth.

We provide expert advice on service development and giving strategy tailored to your missional objectives and offer a full range of fundraising and communication services.

We are passionate about transformational change and turn insights into actions, challenges into opportunities, and fundraising goals into missional impact.

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