About our fundraising consultants

Daily Bread Consultancy is a strategic thinking consultancy business. We specialise in guiding and supporting churches, charities and ethical businesses to achieve their missional goals by adding value and ensuring best outcomes for your beneficiaries. We work collaboratively with you to achieve these goals.

We offer an affordable and professional business development, fundraising and communication service tailored to your organisation.

What we can do for you.

Our fundraising consultants..

have vast experience within the third sector which includes:

  • listening to our clients’ needs and helping them achieve their goals
  • creative thinking and strategic planning
  • business and service development
  • income stream diversification and development
  • managing numerous charity fundraising departments
  • church council and charity trustee board membership
  • reviewing vision, mission, and values with charity and church clients
  • utilising Google Grants to deliver effective adword campaigns
  • managing web development projects
  • managing database development and implementation projects
  • delivering marketing strategy and visual / tonal rebranding projects
  • designing charity communication strategies to support income generation
Sam Perry - Director and one of our Fundraising Consultants
Sam Perry – Director

“I have been working within charities for many years and want to use the skills and experience that I have gained to maximise the impact I can have for as many organisations as possible.

I believe in using my skills for doing good and want to help you.

I am delighted to have support from Dee Russell, an exceptional, experienced charity communicator, and James Edward Goode, founder of searchacquisition.xyz. James is passionate about supporting churches and charities and has offered to manage our Google Accounts.”

James-SEO specialist and one of our Fundraising Consultants
James Edward Goode -searchacquisitionXYZ

After 5 years leading Digital and Search Operations for one of the worlds largest eGaming companies, I launched Search Acquisition, specialising in support and management of PPC search. I have developed and implemented successful strategies for sole traders with £100 budgets to multi-million pound spends for international companies. I am a certified Google Partner, an award winning Masters Graduate in Global Marketing Strategy, an active Google Adwords Community Member, and an official Google Adwords Community Star Member of the week for my contributions.

I am pleased to be working with Sam to help churches and charities achieve their missional objectives.”

Dee - Communications Consultant and one of our Fundraising Consultants
Dee Russell – communications Consultant

“I’m a driven and enthusiastic communicator and have used my passion for people throughout my career in design, marketing, and communications. It’s been almost six years since I brought my experience to the third sector, directing strategic communications for fundraising teams at the Society of St James, Wessex Cancer Trust, and Step by Step. Most recently, I’ve joined the Board of Trustees at The Waterfall Trust, a Christian charity supporting women with addiction and life-controlling issues to regain their dignity and confidence. 

I’m excited to be bringing my expertise with me in joining the Daily Bread Consultancy team, and am eager to see what God has in store for the organisations that we work with.”



“During a time of significant change, I wanted to introduce a firmer consistency in the messages our organisation gave out to people. Dee was absolutely key in providing a bespoke Tone Document, which was implemented throughout the business. The Tone Document enabled us to deliver a cohesive and consistent communication style, whether verbal or written, which was very important as the business grew. The Tone Document helped us to build trust in our brand, gave confidence to the team and volunteers, and delivered the professional edge that would carry the organisation forward. Dee worked very closely with me and the team, and got to know every aspect of our work and I would recommend her for anyone looking to improve their communication, both internally and externally.”

Sally Hall – Charity and Third Sector Specialist

“Sam’s leadership skills, clear direction and motivational abilities are superb. As an outsider coming in to SSJ to make videos, I watched him organise and guide his team in a successful, fun and effective manner. He comes up with new ideas to raise money, keep cash flowing in and makes sure everyone enjoys their work.”

Olivia Case – Director of Client Services

“I have known Sam in a professional capacity for over three years in his role of Trustee of Solent Students’ Union. As Chief Executive, I have found his commitment, support and knowledge of the charitable sector invaluable and, throughout this time, I have continually been impressed by his commitment to providing services of the highest quality and standards. Sam consistently demonstrates high levels of professionalism in his relationships with all stakeholders and displays excellent organisational, interpersonal and communication skills alongside natural leadership abilities which have been fundamental in shaping the strategic direction of the organisation. Sam is consistently motivated, enthusiastic and flexible in his attitude to tasks and has proven himself to be a committed team player who is willing to work outside of normal hours as necessary to fulfil the responsibilities of his role.”

Lorna Reavley – Chief Executive at Solent Students’ Union

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