Case Study #4

Generating sustainable income – the Handlebar Cafe

SPUD  (Spaces, Places and Urban Design) engaged Daily Bread Consultancy for fundraising services in May 2017 when they were part way through an ambitious capital fundraising campaign for the Handlebar Cafe.

The aim was to raise the funds needed to build a new cafe located on the outskirts of Winchester. However, the fundraising had stalled and the project was in danger of not being completed.

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SPUD  (Spaces, Places and Urban Design) is an arts and education charity. It creates opportunities for artists to engage with the public, architecture, urban design and the environment, producing new work as a catalyst for exploration, debate and public understanding.

Prior to SPUD securing premises in Sway, Architecture PLB hosted the SPUD Youth workshops at their offices in Winchester. This was where the group conceived the idea for the Handlebar Cafe back in 2014.


SPUD needed to raise £350,000 in order for The Handlebar Cafe to be built when Daily Bread Consultancy joined the project. The fundraising had somewhat stalled around the £100,000 point. Mark (SPUD CEO) was working hard to push the project forward. But with so much other work on his plate, and the odd fundraising knock back, the momentum for this project was dwindling.


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THE PROCESS – Getting over the line

The Handlebar Cafe clearly had a lot going for it. Not least that it would generate sustainable income for the charity. However the project was lacking community support. And it needed a stronger fundraising ask that would detail the positive impact that the project could have.

Daily Bread Consultancy implemented a Google grant which was used to great benefit. As a result we were able to drive significant traffic to the SPUD website and generating interest in the project.

Alongside this we ran a crowd funding campaign, utilising social media, and wrote a large number of trust applications. The applications were very successful and the crowd funding generated valuable unrestricted income.

Early in 2018 we achieved our fundraising target. Building work towards the Cafe started soon after and in September 2019 saw the grand opening of the cafe. The Handlebar Cafe has been a huge success ever since and now generates sustainable income for SPUD.




“I’m delighted to provide a recommendation for Sam. Sam has been fundraising for our charity and in particular the Handlebar Cafe project, over the last year. It’s been a pleasure to work with Sam and importantly he has felt like part of our team rather than an external consultant. Sam’s relaxed manner, combined with a professional approach and great communication skills has been invaluable for a small charity like ours. Sam has helped us to secure significant donations and I would highly recommend him.”

Mark Drury – Principal Associate and Director at SPUD Group

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