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Our Southampton-based consultants have over 25 years of combined experience in web design and website development for small businesses, charities, and larger organisations. We design beautiful sites that will help you to grow your business, with an emphasis on business growth.

This is because we understand the full user journey, the importance of SEO, the landing page experience, and calls to action (getting some to take an action on your website).

Our prices are competitive because our business model is lean and responsive. As a consortium of consultants we don’t need flashy offices but we can rely on each other and know exactly who to turn to when we need specialist input.

“Building web traffic that results in engagement and converts to enquiries and customers is much more than just great photos and stylish web design.

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Sam Perry

Director, Daily Bread Consultancy

With hundreds of web projects under our belts we can design and build you a website that will vastly improve your business.

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    Our customers typically require web design, SEO support, information architecture, and web development. We help them to explore what they want their website to do and how they might gain more customers.

    We always aim to talk to you about your website project in plain English and not confuse you with jargon.

    Do you have a website that isn’t working well for you?

    Before agreeing to spend £1000s with a web design agency to build you a new website get a website health check

    We work with organisations of all sizes and budgets, particularly charities and local businesses.

    We can help you with:

      • Brand development
      • Project planning and discovery
      • User journey mapping
      • Content design and information architecture
      • Website design and rebranding
      • Web development
      • SEO
      • Website measurement (GA4 Setup and Search Console etc)

    Have a look at some of our recent projects and reviews below, or fill out the contact form to book a call and discuss your website needs:

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    Recent website design projects

    Bishops Flooring Ltd

    Bishops Flooring Ltd are a family firm with a reputation for fantastic customer service, stretching back over 45 years.

    They wanted a website that would reflect the quality of their work, and simple functionality and navigation so that potential customers could easily get in touch.

    We redesigned and developed the Bishops website to provide a better experience for mobile and desktop visitors. As a result enquiries are up over 300%

    Bishops flooring ltd website

    “Daily Bread Consultancy and Sam in particular have worked tireless to create our website which has proved to be a great success with our new and existing clients in providing them with a showcase of flooring ideas for their homes and community spaces. We are delighted to have a friendly ongoing partnership to continue this process – thanks again”

    Mark Bishop

    Director, Bishops Flooring Ltd

    Bishops mobile site

    Teeling Tree Surgery

    We redesigned and developed the Teeling Tree Surgery website to optimise the conversion rate (CRO) and generate more inquiries. The site now measures all conversions to support their well-managed Google PPC account. The new web design has clear calls to action, and tags set up to measure events and conversions.

    Home page design of the new Teeling Tree Surgery website. The site has a bold contact number in the top menu and a request a quote form in the header.
    Bishops responsive mobile site

    Raising Futures Kenya

    We redesigned and developed the Raising Futures Kenya website to improve the donation experience in advance of their Radio 4 appeal. The site now utilises their bold brand, has clear calls to action, and tags set up to measure events and conversions.

    Raising Futures Kenya website developed by Daily Bread Consultancy
    Bishops responsive mobile site

    City Harvest London

    Daily Bread Consultancy was initially approached by City Harvest London to help them set up a Google Grant, develop their marketing reach, and support the fundraising function.

    After a short time, it became clear that their existing Strikingly website was no longer fit for purpose. With 50% of the City Harvest web traffic coming from mobile devices, it was vital that their website could meet the needs of both desktop and mobile visitors.

    We worked closely with the team at City Harvest to deliver a new site, on brand, on a budget, and that works perfectly on mobile, tablets, and desktops.

    The site has been well received and in the past year we have increased the web traffic from approx 1,200 visitors per month to over 8,000 per month.

    City Harvest London Web site

    “Sam has increased our web traffic by 700%. Just amazing.
    He became part of the team instantly, redesigned our website. The new design means we are able to offer a much better online experience for people looking to learn more about our charity and donate.
    His knowledge and speed when working is such a breath of fresh air, often able to do anything asked of him! Having his support even 2 days a month has made a huge difference to our comms team, and digital reach. I whole heartedly recommend Sam if you want to boost your digital comms strategy.”

    Fiona Hollis

    Head of Communications, City Harvest

    City Harvest Recipes

    Breast Cancer Haven

    Breast Cancer Haven approached Daily Bread Consultancy in relation to our digital services and IT experience.  A national charity with five cancer support centres throughout England, Breast Cancer Haven supports people affected by breast cancer.

    Since May 2019 we’ve helped Breast Cancer Haven with:

    • Creating and implementing a tender procedure that led to a considerable decrease in the cost of IT services
    • Reinstating the charity’s Google grant
    • Project managing a move to cloud-based (Office 365) systems to enable flexible home-based working
    • Designed and built a new website to improve functionality and reduce costs
    • Project managed the charity’s first TV direct response advertising campaign


    Raising Futures Kenya website developed by Daily Bread Consultancy
    Bishops responsive mobile site

    Dunamis Therapy Hub

    The Dunamis Therapy Hub tutors approached Daily Bread Consultancy for web development, seo strategy and marketing support. Whilst the tutors had many years experience of private counselling practice and teaching, setting up a college was a new venture for them.

    Our consultants worked closely with the tutors to develop a website that would meet their needs in terms of functionality, and helped them to develop their business model. The website we built is able to take payments from students, delivers weekly learning checks for students to test their learning, and has a members area and forum where students can discuss their learning. We also worked with the tutors providing them with insightful keyword research. With this information we were able to create on-page SEO focused web content that would be informative, attract new students, answer their questions, feel trustworthy and rank well.

    Dunamis Therapy Hub website designed by Daily Bread Consultancy
    Bishops mobile site

    Twelve Feasts of Christmas

    Twelve Feasts of Christmas is a joyous Christmas-Eve tale your kids are sure to love.

    Inspired by the classic song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ and Eric Carle’s wonderful ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ this book is perfect to read aloud with your children or grandchildren.

    Told through the eyes of Santa Claus, Santa relives his experience of being too busy making toys all year to eat anything. When Christmas Eve finally arrives, Santa is ready to deliver his gifts and enjoy the feasts left out for him on his journey. But will his eyes prove too big for his belly?

    Twelve Feasts of Christmas website design
    Bishops responsive mobile site

    Project Planning and Discovery

    A common mistake many business owners make when planning a new website is that they focus solely on their own wants and needs. Not the needs and wants of their website users. Because of this, planning and discovery plays a vital role.

    Our experienced, Southampton-based consultants can help you develop personas for your main user groups, consider the functionality needed for your website, and plan the most effective allocation of your resources.

    Book a call with us today. Arrange professional support for your web development project.

    User Journey Mapping and Improvement

    Research shows that companies who focus on designing positive, meaningful experiences for their customers are more likely to gain loyal supporters and increase their bottom line.

    By mapping your customer journeys we will provide your business with greater understanding. Discover if your brand is providing smooth and worthwhile experiences that meet the expectations of your customers or not so that we can help you make improvements.

    Content Design and Information Architecture

    Content design and information architecture is about making things better for your customers. It involves analysing user data to provide solutions to the users needs in the best way for the user to receive them.

    Why not get in touch with us today? Find out how our consultants can help you with design and information architecture.

    Web Design and Rebranding

    Great brand design involves a lot more than just deciding how your logo should look, or what colours best represent your company.

    Your brand identity is the perception of your company in the eyes of the world. It is the complete collection of all of the elements that are created to portray your image to your supporters and consumers.

    Our Southampton-based consultants have helped Autism Hampshire, the British Heart Foundation, SSJ and many others with brand and rebranding projects. We’ve helped them to consider their identity, why they exist and who they exist for. Consequently they’ve been able to strengthen their impact and relationships with their stakeholders.

    Web development

    Our consultants have developed and maintained sites across a number of CMS (Content Management System) solutions. We use our experience and work with customers to determine what functionality is needed and what the best solution is for your business needs. As a result we build sites that work fast, perform well and are mobile responsive, to deliver seamless user experiences.

    Book a call with us. Discuss your project requirements and take a step towards a beautiful, effective new site.

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