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Web Development Services

Our consultants have over 25 years combined experience of web development. We’ve designed and developed websites across multiple CMS solutions because we know how important it is to get the foundations right. With hundreds of web projects under our belts we can design and build you a website that will vastly improve your business.

Our experience includes web design, information architecture and web development for the BBC, the British Heart Foundation, and UNICEF, to name but a few.

We can help you with:

  • Project Planning and Discovery
  • User Journey Mapping and Improvement
  • Content Design and Information architecture
  • Web Design and Rebranding
  • Web Development

Project Planning and Discovery

A common mistake many business owners make when planning a new website is that they focus solely on their own wants and needs. Not the needs and wants of their website users. Because of this, planning and discovery plays a vital role.

Our experienced consultants can help you develop personas for your main user groups, consider the functionality needed for your website, and plan the most effective allocation of your resources.

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User Journey Mapping and Improvement

Research shows that companies who focus on designing positive, meaningful experiences for their customers are more likely to gain loyal supporters and increase their bottom line.

By mapping your customer journeys we will provide your business with greater understanding. Discover if your brand is providing smooth and worthwhile experiences that meet the expectations of your customers or not so that we can help you make improvements.

Content Design and Information Architecture

Content design and information architecture is about making things better for your customers. It involves analysing user data to provide solutions to the users needs in the best way for the user to receive them.

Why not get in touch with us today? Find out how our consultants can help you with design and information architecture.

Web Design and Rebranding

Great brand design involves a lot more than just deciding how your logo should look, or what colours best represent your company.

Your brand identity is the perception of your company in the eyes of the world. It is the complete collection of all of the elements that are created to portray your image to your supporters and consumers.

Our consultants have helped Autism Hampshire, the British Heart Foundation, SSJ and many others with brand and rebranding projects. We’ve helped them to consider their identity, why they exist and who they exist for. Consequently they’ve been able to strengthen their impact and relationships with their stakeholders.

Web development

Our consultants have developed and maintained sites across a number of CMS (Content Management System) solutions. We use our experience and work with customers to determine what functionality is needed and what the best solution is for your business needs. As a result we build sites that work fast, perform well and are mobile responsive, to deliver seamless user experiences.

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