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Whilst working with Breast Cancer Haven, their national development board of benefactors, long term supporters of the charity, raised funds for TV advertising. The board wanted to try something new in the hopes that a TV advert might improve the fortunes of the charity. And the charity was keen to try.

The board secured the ad spend for a campaign and covered the creative costs of the charity’s first TV ad campaign. 

Our involvement

Daily Bread Consultancy was instrumental in working with the charity to create the ad concept, write the script, storyboard and art direct the ad, and supporting the charity with the wider campaign delivery. We worked closely with Jess O’Leary, the film production company, and Clearcast to make sure that the advert was fit for TV.

The ad concept was simple, moving from dark to light to reflect the journey and fear that someone with a breast cancer diagnosis goes through, and how Breast Cancer Haven offers a real ray of hope. The ad had Angela acting in it, a lady who’d received support from Breast Cancer Haven. Angela was fantastic. She made the script her own so that it was authentic and delivered with real passion and feeling.

The ad had a clear call to action and was developed so that viewers could respond easily, even if they were only listening to the ad.

The TV advertising formed part of a larger, integrated campaign for the charity utilising email, social media and letters, all encouraging people to support the charity financially.

The ad was aired on ITV during the morning programming for 10 days in March 2021 and was very well received.

Below you can see some of the campaign text and the TV advert.

With longer preparation time and better audience research we believe that this campaign could have been more effective and had greater impact. However, with the limited budget and short time frames we had we were all very pleased with the results.

Shine a light – TV advertising campaign

When someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, like Angela was, their whole world is turned upside down. They will likely undergo intensive treatment which can include major surgery, gruelling rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy followed by years of taking hormonal medication. These forms of cancer treatment take their toll physically, emotionally, financially, and in other aspects of daily life. For everyone affected, a diagnosis of breast cancer means living with uncertainty.

Thankfully, most people in the UK won’t develop breast cancer. However, *1 in 7 women will.  

In your life, you will know somebody who will walk this path of fear and uncertainty. Because living with breast cancer means living with uncertainty. 

In a recent survey, 26% of women found the end of treatment the hardest part of breast cancer, with 90% feeling unready to move on when discharged from treatment. 53% said they struggle long term with anxiety and 31% with depression. 

Breast Cancer Haven shines a light during the dark times. Because we believe that nobody should have to face breast cancer alone.  

Help us throughout March and beyond, to provide our free therapeutic services to people affected by breast cancer who are feeling anxious and alone right now. 

Be part of the solution and help us to shine on.

Text LIGHT to 70143 to donate £3 a month or use the donation form below to give a different amount, so that we can be there for people you care about.

(please be aware that this text to donate number is no longer active)

Do you need support?

If you are in need of support, you can access our services whenever you need us. This could be before, during, or after your medical treatment for breast cancer. Please call us on 0300 012 0112 to speak to someone. 


What your donation means to Angela 

By choosing to make a regular donation you are helping people like Angela to cope with uncertainty.  

Regular, reliable income enables us to plan for the future. It helps us to develop dependable services so that we can continue shining a light for people like Angela and her family. 

Choosing to give in this way also means that you can manage your own finances in a predictable manner. 

So do please help us to remove some of the uncertainty that living with breast cancer brings by supporting us to be there for the people you care about. 

Thanks to people like you, Breast Cancer Haven was there for me when I felt most alone.


Hear how Breast Cancer Haven has been there for people like Angela, Nicole, Claire, Fatima and Deborah throughout lockdown. Help us throughout March and beyond, to provide our free therapeutic services to people affected by breast cancer who are feeling anxious and alone right now.

Our national development board 

Our national development board of benefactors are long term supporters of Breast Cancer Haven. To support our organisation through these challenging times the board secured the ad spend for this campaign and covered the creative costs of our first TV ad campaign. 

Thankfully, most people in the UK won’t develop breast cancer. However, *1 in 7 women will. 

*Lifetime risk estimates calculated by the Statistical Information Team at Cancer Research UK. Based on Office for National Statistics (ONS) 2016-based Life expectancies and population projections. Accessed December 2017, and Smittenaar CR, Petersen KA, Stewart K, Moitt N. Cancer Incidence and Mortality Projections in the UK Until 2035(link is external). Brit J Cancer 2016. 


For text donations:
Make sure you have the bill payer’s permission. You must be aged 16+. We can currently only accept donations from UK mobiles. One-off donations are charged at £3 + standard rate. Monthly donations are charged at £3 + standard rate each month. We receive 95p per £1 donated.
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