For the past 7 years Sam has been managing numerous Google ad grant accounts for Hampshire based charities. Sam is Google certified and is passionate about online fundraising and the power that the internet can have for good.

Combining effective grant management with specific, relevant web content can result in an incredible transformation for your charity. Content that has been optimised for well researched long tail key terms and is targeted at an audience local to your location can lead to an uplift in all areas of your charity business.

It is the quality of the traffic visiting your charity website that is important. Not just the quantity of visitors.
For instance, if you run a homelessness charity, it’s likely that you will attract more valuable prospects by targeting a key term such as “volunteering for a homeless charity,” rather than “homelessness.” That is because there’s a good chance that someone searching for “volunteering for a homeless charity” is looking for information on volunteering for a homeless charity … and that could be you!

Optimising for broad terms, such as “homelessness” has its place. But there is no doubt that a broad keyword will attract a more generic audience. And they might not be looking for what you have to offer. Instead be more specific and go for the relevant, long-tail keywords.

Google Ad Grants Management Help

Weather you are looking to recruit more volunteers, increase attendees at your events or share the impact that your work is having on your beneficiaries, having a well managed Google grant account can help.

Launched in 2003, Google have been offering charities $10,000 USD worth of in-kind ads per month.

Despite having existed for 15 years, many charities are still unaware that they could access a significant grant from Google to help them. We can help you with your Google grant application and account setup.

Google Ad Grants, if used well, can make a real difference to a charity. Managing the grant well however is not easy. It is time consuming if you don’t know what you are doing. There are also quite a lot of rules that you have to abide in order to maintain your grant.

If you would like help with getting a Google Grant or need some google grant management help then please get in touch.

We can help you to remove the $2 bidding cap from your ads. Help you increase your digital reach and find new supporters.

Typically a well run established account will need between 8 – 16 hours per month spent on it. This will be spent maintaining the account and implement new ads that point towards your key web content.

We will keep on top of any changes to the grant conditions that Google make and keep your account running smoothly.

Why not let Daily Bread Consultancy manage your account for you and increase the impact that it has.