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It’s not uncommon for a staff member to leave a charity and access to your Google NonProfit account and/or Google Ad Grant account to go missing.

There are a number of reasons why this may be the case. Often charities use Office 365 as their main cloud-powered productivity platform. Yet to access the free products offered by Google a Gmail account is needed.

To achieve this an individual may set up a one off Gmail account, to access and administrate their Google products. Or the may choose to use a personal Gmail account that they already have access to.

If this is the case and they have not left you with the passwords, account details, or have set up a new administrator then you made find your charity locked out.

Trying to regain access to a Google Grant account can be confusing and incredibly frustating if this is the case.

How to regain access to a Google Grant account

Regaining access is actually relatively straight forward, once you find the right information.

Firstly you need to understand that you will want and need access to both your Google NonProfit account and your Google Ad Grant account.

Requesting administative access to an existing NonProfit account

By following this link you can request access to an exisiting NonProfit account.

You will need to submit a request for account access.

Your request will be sent to the current administrators of the Google for Nonprofits account for review.

    • If an administrator responds to the request, you’ll get an email with their decision.
    • If an administrator does not respond to the request after 14 days, your request will be automatically sent to a Google representative for review.

Regaining access to a Google Grant account

Once you have access to your NonProfit account you will be able to find your Google Ad Grant account number. You will need this to request access.

Follow the steps on this page Regain access to your account

Once you have tried all of the things they suggest you can fill out a short form to request access. To do this you will need the following information:

      • Ad Grants 10-digit Customer ID
      • Charity ID number
      • Nonprofit website URL

Getting there, phew!

After a few days Google should get back to you and re grant you access to your Google Ads Grant account.

If it has not been accessed for sometime then you will likely find that the account has been suspended. 

To get it up and running again you will need to make sure that the account is adhering to all of the Ad Grant rules before submitting it for review.

This will take another couple of days and then you should have it all back up and running.


Need some help?

Daily Bread Consultancy is a Google Partner organisation. We work with charities and businesses and particularly support charities in managing their Google Ad Grants.

As I’m sure you know, Google provides charities with $10,000 per month of free PPC advertising. However, due to the way Google Ads work, it can be tricky to run effective ads.

Your ads need to have strong relevance to the keywords you have set, and they also need to have strong relevance to the landing page experience. 

You can’t bid for the keyword “Nike shoes”, create an ad that says “discount Nike shoes available online,” and then have a landing page that only sells Adidas shoes. Google won’t run those ads as they are not relevant to the search intent, and the whole goal of Google is to provide the best user experience.

Similarly, you won’t get your ads shown often if you run a breast cancer charity but have pages with very little information on them. The reason is that even if your page experience is relevant, if there are hundreds of similar but better (in Google’s opinion) pages, then Google will serve those ads ahead of yours.

In addition to running the ads, you will need GA4 set up correctly. Once set up, you can link your GA4 account with your ads account and import your conversions; these should be set in GA4.

In order to do this, you should also use Tag Manager.

Using Tag Manager you can create “Tags” to measure important actions on your website, such as PDF downloads, form completions, video views, etc.

Daily Bread Consultancy can help you with all of this, as well as provide SEO support to help you create web content that your beneficiaries, supporters, etc will search for and find useful.

Do contact us if you would like to discuss this all further.

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